Construction Law

Construction law firms are well-situated to help specialists, subcontractors, material suppliers, owners, and others in matters developing from private residential and commercial building tasks and Florida State and Federal public works of all sizes. In order to offer our clients with the very best possible services, we remain up-to-date on altering laws by preserving a membership with the Associated General Professionals and we educate construction groups and owners on the results of construction laws in their day-to-day company transactions.

Personal Building Tasks
Our lawyers helps customers in all kinds of commercial and domestic construction matters. We provide comprehensive agreement services, consisting of thoroughly examining suggested agreements to guarantee that our clients’ interests are thoroughly secured. In case a contract is breached or terminated, we can help the clients in collecting funds owed to them through using bond claims and by foreclosing or attaching on mechanics’ liens. In addition, the company has significant experience preparing notifications of disburser to need owners, loan providers, or other celebrations to make disbursements on a task to pay subcontractors and materialsmen straight, or to keep enough funds to cover the claim in case of a dispute.
Federal Public Works
Construction contracts entered into with the federal government are governed by unique laws and have to be drafted according to a consistent agreement format whenever practicable. The process can be more complex than entering into personal building agreements, however an experienced attorney can assist quicken the process by carefully negotiating, drafting and reviewing agreement terms.
Not only do our attorneys help with preparing and evaluating federal building contracts, we also provide extensive services in regard to bonds claims. In anticipation of disagreements, the State Construction laws requires specialists to post efficiency and payment bonds on any building agreement going beyond $100,000 for use in case the agreement is ended and damages are examined versus them. An efficiency bond protects performance of an agreement by a professional, whereas a payment bond guarantees that laborers and providers are paid for their work under the contract.Our Attorneys. can help clients with surety negotiations, agreement review and assessment, and any associated litigation matters involving such bond claims and conflicts.

State Public Works
Our attorneys assist in all aspects of negotiating, examining, and preparing state public works agreements and in negotiating bond claims when agreements have actually been breached or terminated. In addition, our practice is extremely experienced in obtaining Verified Statements of Claims, which are needed to make a bond claim against the state or county for building costs sustained in state public works tasks.
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For years, Our firm. has actually obtained successful results for customers in the construction market. For exceptional legal representation in a building law matter call us today.

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