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Foreclosure Lawyers who assist clients throughout the Orlando area in a wide range of residential and commercial real estate matters. The firm’s AV Preeminent-rated lawyers have the skills and experience to handle even the most complex transactions and litigation.


Our services include, but are not limited to, all matters involving:

  • Standard Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Title Opinions and analyses
  • Title Disputes
  • Transfer Issues
  • Mechanics’ Lien Foreclosures
  • Foreclosures
  • Transactions

The purchase or sale of real estate can be a highly complex and stressful process, but an experienced real estate attorney can help sellers and buyers alike ensure their interests are fully protected. At our Law Offices., we negotiate every aspect of the sale or purchase of property and carefully draft the final sales agreement. On behalf of buyers, our attorneys also perform title searches and issue professional opinions on the owners’ rights to the property and any covenants or restrictions to which the property may be subject. In addition, in the event a title or other dispute arises, we draw on our extensive trial experience to handle any resulting litigation.

Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosures


Under Florida law, when subcontractors or material suppliers (but not suppliers to a supplier) provide labor or materials for a construction project, they can file a mechanic’s lien against the property being improved. They may file a foreclosure lawsuit in the district where the property is located if the subcontractor or supplier is not paid upon the completion of a construction project. It is important to act quickly, or risk losing the ability to obtain full payment; a mechanic’s lien foreclosure lawsuit must be filed within six months of the substantial completion of the project or it will be barred by statute.

Our law firm has a wealth of experience in all aspects of mechanic’s liens foreclosure actions and subsequent collections and can assist material suppliers and subcontractors throughout the process.

Real Property Foreclosures
Our Law firm. represents both property owners and banks in judicial and non-judicial foreclosures on real property. Our attorneys have experience filing lawsuits on behalf of banks and other lenders in judicial foreclosures and filing Notices of Election and Demand and other documentation with the Office of the Public Trustee in non-judicial foreclosures. We can help stop foreclosures on behalf of property owners by negotiating workouts, short sales, or other options, or through aggressive litigation. In addition, we can assist banks and property owners with post-foreclosure issues, including deficiency judgments and rights of redemption.
Seek Experienced Representation
For 30 years, Our lawyers. have provided banks, property owners, material supply companies, and subcontractors with the highest quality legal representation. To learn more about how our experienced real estate attorneys can assist with your transactions or litigation call us today.

Foreclosure News

Real Estate Opportunities In Foreclosed Properties Around Orlando

Foreclosed Real Estate In Orlando Went Fast

While the Orlando Sentinel has a point about Orlando Foreclosures have been scarved up by the insiders and big deal makers, we suggest many opportunities still exist for the smaller invester in the better suburbs of the Micky Mouse City.

LIke doing a simple search for homes for sale DR PHILLIPS Fl could turn up many foreclosed properties that a search in Orlando might miss.

So we are all on the same page what a foreclosure building is, according to the law a home is considered to be in pre-foreclosure when the owner is late with at least one payment and has actually received notification from the lender. The entire matter is still not thought about legal, however, until a Notice of Default is filed at around day 90. Until a building is legally foreclosed, there is a window of chance for savvy buyers to make a deal with the owner and/or loan provider.

Advantages to acquiring a pre-foreclosure
– Motivated sellers who want to proceed without a strike on their credit record may accept an offer that is much lower than you think, depending on how much they still owe on the home loan.
– There is more time to inspect the building than is the case with auctions. Utilities will certainly still be on so a total inspection will certainly not be hindered.
– Unlike auctions and REOs where prospective buyers regularly are needed to put down more cash, and even pay for the building completely upfront in money, pre-foreclosure homes are normally had by people who can be more flexible sometimes than banks and other institutions.
– There may be less competitors for pre-foreclosure homes than will be the case at auctions.

Finding pre-foreclosures
Finding the best pre-foreclosure opportunity is a little bit of a grab bag, however with the ideal attitude and due diligence, there are definitely deals to be gotten. Consider the following sources when trying to find a pre-closure:

– Public records and legal notices. Almost everything connected to repossessions is a matter of public record, consisting of the Notice of Default and auction notification, making looking for them a lot easier. Potential purchasers should likewise keep an eye on bankruptcy, divorce and probate filings, since many of these are tied to repossessions.
– Public services. Online websites– consisting of many great websites but, we suggest looking into subrub specifics sites such as can conserve energy and time by supplying you with the details you need about a great area near Orlando called Dr Phillips Florida. This can typically be the simplest way to locate a foreclosed building that fits your requirements. One word of care: limiting your search to a couple of locations that are near enough by for you to examine out in person and with which you are familiar will go a long way in making a wise purchase.

– Networking and referrals. If you have a number of sets of eyes keeping an eye out for a pre-foreclosure chance, you stand a much better opportunity of attaining your objective to purchase one. It’s specifically crucial to contact anybody such as Karen with who might have inside understanding of your desired area like Lake Mary Florida, consisting of residents, service people, postal workers, and more; ask them to let you understand when properties in a certain community are starting to show disregard, since this is frequently among the signs of a property being in or near foreclosure. Offering to pay a finder’s cost can also assist in your search.

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